Senior Nomads - Lynne & Tim Martin

January 26, 2014

If you're looking for a grand adventure in retirement, Lynne and Tim Martin have an idea: sell your house and then travel around the globe, living in rented houses in the world's great cities.



I can't wait until I'm old enough to do what they are doing!

Great interview. We met these wonderful folks last summer in Paris. They have become friends and inspirations on how to live in your next life! So glad to hear their voices.

Partly due to Lynne Martin's Wall Street Journal a couple years back my wife and I are following in her footsteps. We sold our Chicago condo and are now homeless and happy. We are easing into this life style by a guided trip to China (all decisions are made for you), two months in Mexico then six months in Europe on our own. We will move around much more than Lynne does, but it is my first trip to Europe so I want to see more. We are cruising to and from Europe as Lynne suggests and have over 30 one week stays at VRBO's across Europe and Great Britain. THANKS Lynne!!

I love it when the husband says when we get back from our journey we burn our clothes.....I guess they are to busy where they are planning the next trip they dont have time to donate the clothes......


Well, I admit to wanting to get rid of things I'm sick of, but we really do it in the correct way. There are thrift shops all over the world and we not only donate, but also buy things like coats when we need them and then re-donate when we no longer use them. Ultimate recycling!!!