Saying the World

May 22, 2011
(was 05.31.2010)

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but you still need a word to describe that glorious smell. We'll try out new words from the online world with a New York Times language blogger - words like YakkaWow and suicide cuisine. Also, the rise of a new world language called Globish.


  1. Ben Schott on New Words

    His job for the New York Times is to troll the internet for new and noteworthy words. What do these words tell us about the times we live in?

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  2. Richard Fairmont on Writers' Words

    He recently produced a set of CDs for the BBC that include rare recordings of the prominent writers.

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  3. Robert McCrum on Globish

    How has English become Globish?

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  4. Jack Bowen on Bumper Stickers

    Restricting yourself to eight or nine words can be far more complex than you would expect.

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