Sam Harris on Scientific Morality

January 16, 2011

For centuries religions set moral boundaries.  In his new book “The Moral Landscape” prominent atheist Sam Harris argues that science should set them.  He tells Steve Paulson there are right and wrong answers and they are found in science.




I disagree with Mr. Harris's potrayal of religous people. I think you can have a mature metaphorical understanding of religous texts, as I do, yet still believe in an overarching meaning in life that is associated with a higher presence. I agree with his critisicims of organized religon which are sometimes not forces for good in the world, but not with his generalizations about those who don't identify as aetheists. His characterizations are too black and white and exclude many possibilities for enlightened existence. Science, while it can affirm higher values, often also is very doctinaire, and some of the worst killers of our age have been aetheists (look at Hitler and Stalin to name just two),

Just because some of the worst killers of our age happened to be atheists doesn't mean they were killers /because/ they were atheist, if anything, it was their obvious extremist political agenda/ideology.

"and some of the worst killers of our age have been aetheists (look at Hitler and Stalin to name just two),"

You're kidding right?

How about you go look at the bible statistics on how many people that fictional god killed. Go look at how many people were murdered under that gods direct order by his believers.

Hitler was also NOT an atheist. He stated clearly even in private letters that he felt he was doing the work of god, by punishing the Jews. You aren't even correct in your history.

Science is doctrinaire? Oh... nope sorry, but you're dead wrong. Science changes with new information all the time. Religion on the other hands fights against fact and even punished those who presented them i.e. Galileo.

The worst killers of humanity have all been religious fanatics thinking they're doing the work of god.

You're so wrong it's absurdly disgusting to the whole of history and the future which lies ahead.

Religious is dying because it doesn't provide anything for humanity anymore accept wars and headaches.

Science brought you that computer your using to bash science... you prove your own idiocy.