Sally Gross - Finding Her Own Dance

June 29, 2014

Some of us think of dance as something best left to the professionals, people with years of training and technique. But when Sally Gross started dancing, she realized that she'd never master ballet or modern dance. So she made a whole new kind of dance...



Thank you for putting together these segments of Just Dance. I plan to use them in my university, general education class, about dance and culture. Dance is a less explored art form, but one that has enormous potential to enable people to develop many skills and understand others. Thank you.

Hello, KQED,

Thank you for the wonderful interview of Sally Gross. Her ideas on breath and stillness in particular were especially moving as I awaken at age 68 to a consciousness of my own physical being. I am so grateful for the many people there, some behind the scenes, so to speak, who contribute to such magnificent work that KQED does. As I believe Ms. Gross might say, "May the whispers of wisdom continue to be with you."