Rupert Sheldrake on "Science Set Free"

April 21, 2013

Is science really the realm of free inquiry, open to every good idea?  Controversial biologist Rupert Sheldrake says modern science is mired in various dogmas - boundaries you're not supposed to cross, at least if you value your job and your reputation. 



"is there any proof that consciousness is produced by a brain ?"

We are at the very beginning of our journey to understand this complex machine called brain. It's definitely to early to surmise any supernatural cop-out as an answer at this point.

Religious beliefs and ignorance run rampant :(

"A US couple - serving 10 years' probation for the 2009 death of their toddler after they turned to prayer instead of a doctor - has lost another child to what may have been a treatable illness."

some idiots' deeply held beliefs and fantasies about supernatural agencies.

This terribly sad example shows how much remains to be done on the part of materialist scientists when it comes to communicating science to the masses and especially to all kinds of spiritualists out there.

There are so many reasons to be pissed off at "psuedo-scientific mumbo jumbo" which has prevailed long past its expiration date. I think it says a lot about human nature that its still around.
However, everyone who keeps attacking Sheldrake is projecting the awful mumbo jumbo onto his ideas because they exist in the same realm of "fantastical" theory.
Unfortunately, a lot of the scientists and doctors working in the field of consciousness and anomalous phenomena are being persecuted because their trajectories are near those of historically invalid "beliefs" and ideas.
This it too bad because they may be on the way to making very important contributions to our culture.
If people took the time to look at all the academic studies being done in this field and kept their polarizing biases from getting in the way, they might see this.
But human tendency is to lump things into easily manageable categories.
Thankfully, the deeply motivated researches will continue on their path despite the lack of support they could be getting.

"To many people, especially gardeners and people who keep dogs, cats, horses or other animals, it is blindingly obvious that plants and animals are living organisms, not machines"

What about "living organisms" utilizing synthetic genome?

Are they living organisms, or machines, or maybe living machines?

I think string theory itself proves that there are complex dimensions beyond our own range of perceptions of reality that we are not privy to... And I think what Sheldrake is trying to say is that most of modern science isn't trying to delve deeper into researching this aspect of reality, because they simply don’t possess the tools to do so. So, instead of saying "we can’t", all they say is, "it’s nonsense". And also I do believe that the governments of the world are aware of such phenomena and they independently carry out research in such fields without making the general population aware of any such discoveries that might be made. Yes I believe you’re talking about things like god, magic and the paranormal in general. Let me ask you this, if you would show an iphone to a caveman would he not think of it as being some sort of magic? The science of tomorrow is the magic/esoteric/nonsense of today. Think of Galileo, Copernicus, Michael Servetus, Einstein etc. All scientists who had the courage to fight for what they believed in spite of heavy opposition from the higher powers proving that the discoveries they made were bullshit. And think of what the world would be today had it not been for their courage? Ask yourself this: what form of matter comprises of things such as imagination and creativity in the human mind? what is the source of such things? Human beings have a tendency categorize and pigeonhole and subdivide because it is in our nature. We fail to see the things that lie beyond our own perceptions. And to do so, would be what the governments of the world have been trying to prevent for years, that we would see through their lies, probably form alternate societies where we aren't bound by the necessities of the modern society that they have created for us. We could be highly evolved, spiritual beings where the everyday bullshit of the material world is insignificant, which would give birth to a new age of humanity where knowledge and wisdom is paramount.. We could use this knowledge to provide free energy for the entire human race. We could explore the mysteries of consciousness, and through that, probably access the deeper level of reality which would enable us to no more rely on things such as machines. Let me ask everyone this, if there is a god and he created us, what was the purpose? Or was it just random? I believe that he created us in order to challenge us, to reach HIS level of understanding. And that isn’t gonna happen any time soon in this era. Maybe only some LSD might help  but yea definitely not within the next 1000 years. Anyways I encourage everyone to do some LSD with your friends and rid yourselves of the slavery that you have been subjected to by these governments and banks and corporations, albeit for only a few hours . But it’s worth it.

"Let me ask you this, if you would show an iphone to a caveman would he not think of it as being some sort of magic? "

You don't have to go back thousands of years in time to find examples of people taking things they can't explain for something magical or divine....

the theory itself has not been proven to be correct yet?

"In everyday usage, materialism refers to a way of life devoted entirely to material interests, a preoccupation with wealth, possessions and luxury. These attitudes are no doubt encouraged by materialist philosophy, which denies the existence of any spiritual realities or non-material goals"

The nonsense argument is very demeaning and insulting to millions of people who don't believe in fairy tales and religious myths, as it implies that they only have material goals in their lives. That atheist parents don't love their children, atheist doctors cure people's diseases only for money, atheist teachers teach only for money, atheist writers, poets, singers, painters, make art only for material gains etc...