Root Shock: How Urban Renewal Destroys Entire Communities

March 27, 2016

Psychiatrist Mindy Fullilove has studied cities for decades. She says evictions destroy the social fabric of a community and are key to understanding why many cities and neighborhoods are so divided.



Family dislocation is very common in America. It is not confined to families of slender means. Middle class families move frequently, often presaged by better employment opportunities. The real difference between relocation for struggling families and those with means is money. Those that have it adjust, as their financial condition eases the pain, those who do not also adjust because life is strong. Moving produces enormous srtess, second only to death of a parent. In our transient society, I believe it is myopic to focus on the plight of the less privileged in changing domiciles when the pain is felt by all, especially children, a point not raised by the interviewer. It is the disparity in income that sears this divide, again an observation not made in this radio presentation.