Robert Glasper on his album "Black Radio"

May 13, 2012

Robert Glasper is a Grammy nominated jazz pianist.  He’s also the musical director for the rappers Q-Tip and Mos Def. And he’s the pianist for R&B singer Malwell.  In his own work, he brings all those genres together into a new form. Glasper calls his new album Black Radio. He tells Steve Paulson it’s a reference to the black box of recordings that survives a plane crash.



Wonderfully delightful. Some of the freshest music I have heard in years. A great interview. I hope Robert Glasper will be back on the show.

I am so indebted to TTBOOK for introducing me to the music of Robert Glasper. I bought Black Radio and Black Radio 2, and saw RG when he toured in Switzerland earlier this year. I would have missed this fantastic music if TTBOOK had not interveiwed Robert. Thank you very VERY much!