Rainforest Remedies

May 24, 2015

The Topes de Collante nature reserve is nestled In the mountains southeast of Havana. We go for a hike with naturalist Andres Santana Diaz, who points out various natural remedies from rainforest plants.



Cuban physicians and researchers have made heroic strides serving the health of the Cuban people and of others where they've traveled, using sharply limited resources. They are rightly credited with creative therapies and worthwhile advances in health care.

The value of the "natural remedies" and benefit of SOME of the botanical compounds Sr. Diaz describes may or may not be supportable by inquiry but those he featured are of little interest; any healthful benefit of dietary "antioxidants" is lost in the human gut, for example. This sort of thing is designed to impress and delight uneducable foreign rubes - e.g., as we see - English majors and journalists.