Psychedelics and God

March 5, 2017
face of god


Joel Filipe (CC0)

Can psychedelics help you find God? Bill Richards thinks so, though he would say it differently: “The Divine certainly had contact with me.” Bill is a unique figure in the study of psychedelics — a clinical psychologist at Johns Hopkins University who’s also a scholar of religion. He’s one of only a handful of scholars who studied psychedelics back in the 1960s, when they were legal, and still does today.



I really enjoyed the interview with Dr Richards. His life changing experience on a psychedelic substance resonated with my first. It gave me a chance to look inward and realize that the source of my inhibitions and fears came from within. After years of blaming others for holding me back, i realized that I was the source of my anxiety. This led me to seek diagnosis and treatment for generalized anxiety disorder. Realization of the disorder has vastly improved my relationships with my family and significant others and gave me the awareness to maturely manage a mental disorder.