The Politics of Arson

August 21, 2016

Jesse Ball's new novel is called "How to Set a Fire and Why." The protagonist is a teenage girl who joins a secret Arson Club at her new school.



what the fuck is the author and you all thinking about discussing this subject in the middle of summer in a drought year (at least in California)? not cute or funny! alleged arsonist who may have set the Lake county fire in northern California was just arrested, also big fire in southern California is still blazing. how about giving us your addresses and see if anyone decides to set a match to your homes and cherished belongings? ha ha, lol!!!

I have never heard TTBOOK run as naive, empty, and meaningless an interview and/or profile as this one. Was the author speaking in character, possibly as one of the teenage characters in this book? That's the only logical explanation here. This seemed like filler, or kindling as it were.