Poison in the Soda Pop, and Other Conspiracies That Spring From A Grain of Truth

July 2, 2017

When David Dennis was a kid, his father, a civil rights activist, showed him his FBI file. Pages and pages, photos, documents. That’s how Dennis learned that what some people considered a conspiracy theory was, in fact, true. The American government did actually spy on the black liberation movement. Today, Dennis is a journalism professor at Morehouse College and author of the recent article, “Why Blacks Need Conspiracy Theories.” Charles Monroe-Kane talked with him.



It's shocking to hear a journalism professor defend conspiracy mongering. Not only does Professor Dennis violate the basic precepts of journalism--he undercuts the goal of racial justice. His brand of motional reasoning will not get us there; it will alienate potential allies and take our resources away from the necessary work of exposing discrimination and structural inequality.