Poems Old and New

April 28, 2013
(was 06.17.2012)

“Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments...”  “Because I could not stop for death…”

First lines. Classic poems. But poetry’s no anachronism. It’s pulsing and swelling and beating new rhythms.

From online verse to the new US Poet Laureate, from poetry criticism to the form-forging work of Anne Carson, we’re packed to the rafters with poets. Come on in!

  1. Poetry: Past, Present and...

    As editor of Poetry Magazine, Christian Wiman reads thousands of new poems a year. Who better to check in with on the state of English language poetry? 

    Hear Wiman talk about his own writing here.

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  2. Poems in Our Pockets

    The Poetry Foundation's mandate is to support "a vigorous presence for poetry." In our digital age, that means getting poems onto our screens, big and small. Catherine Halley run the Foundation's digital programs. 

    Also, you can hear more poems from Nikki Giovanni here!

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  3. Poems, History and Memory with Natasha Trethewey

    We have a new Poet Laureate here in the U.S. Listen in as Natasha Trethewey talks about the history and memory embedded in her work.

    You can hear more of Trethewey's poems here.

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  4. Poesis with Anne Carson

    Anne Carson doesn't call her work poetry. She says the best description is poesis, Greek for "making." A classics scholar, Carson is a translator, essayist and prolific forger of new literary forms. 

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