The Poem is You: New Voices in American Poetry

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calum macaulay(CC0)

April 2, 2017

In this hour, we see how poetry can show us new ways to think about place and personal identity. Poetry is a powerful tool for crafting identity —as we find in the verse of Ojibwe hip-hop artist Tall Paul. It can also help us understand the places we live —as in Carl Sandburg’s Chicago poems. And Quan Barry kicks off National Poetry Month with a new series, “The News From Poems,” featuring original poems by five major poets that reflect on the anxieties raised by current events. 



  1. In a “Post-Truth” Era, Should You Get Your News From Poems?

    Quan Barry is writing a new poem each week in response to current events.  And she’s invited other poets to join in. 

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  2. American Poetry Has Never Been So Diverse

    Stephen Burt, considered the leading poetry critic of a new generation, is working to introduce different voices to the medium.

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  3. A Young Artist Reclaims Ojibwe Language Through Hip-Hop

    Paul Wendell Jr.—performing as Tall Paul—is trying to re-learn and reclaim his native language.

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  4. Setting Sandburg’s City of Broad Shoulders to Music

    A hundred years ago, the poet Carl Sandburg turned Chicago into an American icon. And now his poems have been set to music.

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