On Our Minds: The Perfect Peach

July 13, 2014

Nikiko Masumoto's family farm goes back several generations in her family.  Today, it grows some of the world's best peaches.  Nikiko explains the link between growing food and growing stories.


Nikiko Masumoto's storytelling bring together farming and eating experiences was totally captivating.

I really enjoyed this interview with Ms. Masumoto! It brought back wonderful memories of my mother. Thank you.

Sunday morning and the sun is rising. I turn on the radio, serve my coffee, pull out my fresh bread from the stove, and tears are rolling down my face because my big boy Lalo (my dog) passed away yesterday. I was thinking about how certain foods I make I share with him and our Sunday rituals. Then I hear the voice of Nikiko Masumoto talking about the "Preservation of Memory and food, that moved me so much. Thank you for sharing this story this morning.