On Our Minds: Junot Diaz

July 27, 2014

Dominican-born writer Junot Diaz -- the MacArthur genius, Pulitzer Prize-winning author has written some of some of the most brilliant contemporary fiction about the immigrant experience. 



Mr Diaz asks whether someone who hasn’t read 2,000 novels in the last year can legitimately address him about the role of the novel in contemporary culture. This might seem a profound question.

It can be easily argued that fiction and culture are illuminating reflections of one another.

But let us ask, how can someone who hasn’t read 2,000 horoscopes in the last year address the role of astrology in contemporary culture?

Mr Diaz, a talented fiction writer, has come to believe that the admiring attention he draws from other fiction writers and journalists (dull, poorly educated people) has conferred upon him the status of public intellectual. This is an unfortunate error.

Robert, the "unfortunate error" is your vague and seemingly ignorant judgements. Are there any of Diaz's "poorly educated" literary peers that you care to name?

It must be hard to see with your nose turned up so high.