Producer Picks

On Our Minds: Kurt Godel
Adele and Kurt Godel
The scientific genius Kurt Godel is on our minds this week.  So Anne Strainchamps talks with the French writer, Yannick Grannec, about her novel, "The Goddess of Small Things," which is based on...
Death with Dignity - Extended Interview
In the second hour of the death series, Pam Wald talked about helping her husband Ben - then terminally ill - use Oregon's Death with Dignity Act to speed the end of his life. Here's her...
On Our Minds: Rethinking Our Approach to Climate Change
Image: tennesseevalleyauthority Via: Flickr Creative Commons
In her latest book, "This Changes Everything," journalist Naomi Klein takes a critical view of our current approaches to climate change. She sees the solution resting in the hands of an emerging...
Living with Your Coffin
A coffin that transforms into an entertainment center
Picking out the perfect coffin isn't something you have to save until the last minute! A variety of DiY coffin makers across the country are making functional coffins that you can use right now—...
Thoughts from a Hospice Worker
Lani Leary has worked with thousands of dying people and their families. She’s been at the bedside of more than 500 people at the moment of death. Her dedication to working with the dying and...
An Invitation to Talk
When's the last time you talked about death? Not as an abstraction, but as something that we will all have to reckon with, sooner or later. In this first segment of our five-hour series on death...
HBD, Albert Camus
Image: Mitmensch0812 Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Nobel Prize-winning author, playwright and journalist Albert Camus was born in Algiers on Nov. 7th, 1913. Seems like an ideal time to revisit Steve’s reflections on Camus.
Forever Young
Image: Kristin Wall Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Twenty years ago this week, George Foreman became boxing’s oldest heavyweight champion by defeating Michael Moorer at the age of 45. That got us thinking about Anne’s conversation with Amy Gorman...
Election Day
Image: Vox Efx Via: Flickr Creative Commons
On this Election Day, we're thinking about ways to help people become more active and involved citizens. Here's an idea: get them while they're young. Here's Harry Boyte speaking...
NYC Marathon
Image: Anthony Catalano Via: Flickr Creative Commons
With the NYC Marathon happening this weekend, we thought it’d be fitting to revisit Jim’s readings from Haruki Murakami’s “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.”