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Read It!
I Read
It's National Readathon Day! Need a little inspiration to pick up a novel? Here's Ursula K LeGuin on why books will endure...
On Our Minds: Hip Hop, Free Speech and Violence in France [Playlist]
Hisham Aidi—an expert on globalization and social movements—discusses the role of hip hop in the French-Muslim community and the recent debates about the genre.
"White Noise"
White Noise
January 21st marks the 30th anniversary of Don DeLillo winning the American Book Award for, “White Noise.” While we don’t have an interview with DeLillo in our vast archive, we couldn’t let this...
Mr. Lynch is 69
David Lynch
The inimitable film director David Lynch turns 69 this week, and we're paying homage to the man Mel Brooks described as “Jimmy Stewart on Mars” by revisiting our decidedly Lynchian...
On Our Minds: Philip Pullman
Image: Chris Boland Via: Flickr Creative Commons
"The Collectors" is a brand-new audiobook by writer Philip Pullman. The story sheds light into the early life of Marisa Coulter, a villain from Pullman's acclaimed fantasy trilogy, "His Dark...
On Our Minds: The Great Migration
South Bend Voice
Martin Luther King Jr. Day has us thinking about America's Great Migration -- the epic struggle for freedom that saw six million people migrate north from the southern states before the civil rights...
Doug on "The Artist"
Doug's just wrapping up an hour about creativity, with Mark Mothersbaugh, Austin Kleon and others. Here's his note on the inspiration behind the hour...
The Collectors
Image: Chris Boland Via: Flickr Creative Commons
The Collectors, a new short story by writer Philip Pullman, is being released as an audiobook in the US this week. The story follows the early life of Marisa Coulter, a villain from Pullman's...
Higher Education
Image: LFS Learning Centre Via: Flickr Creative Commons
On Friday, President Obama proposed making two years of community college free for students. Here are some other recommendations to improve the quality of higher education, courtesy of UC Santa...
Procrastination Anxiety
Image: Paola Kizette Cimenti Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Are you already putting off your resolutions for 2015? If so, then you can probably relate to Patricia Pearson’s audio essay about procrastination anxiety.