Producer Picks

Summer Gardening
It isn't just farmers in Iowa growing food right now. From LA to Detroit, there is a growing movement of urban farming.
Harry Potter
Harry Potter
The Harry Potter film franchise is ending. We put a small collection together of our favorite Harry Potter-related interviews over the years.
George R. R. Martin
After a six-year wait, Martin’s "A Dance With Dragons" finally hits bookstores.
Liberty Belle
Before there was Representative and presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann there was Liberty Belle, considered by many to be the very first Tea Party activist.
The Lords of Finance
So, who's responsible for America’s current debt crisis? Some would say the over-spending consumer. Maybe it's the government's fault. Or maybe it was the bankers who broke the world...
Road Trip!
Never mind the gas prices, summer is still the season for a ROAD TRIP! Writers William Least-Heat Moon and Robert Sullivan capture the romance of wandering America’s back roads in search of...
Anniversary of the Walkman
Anniversary of Walkman invented
In this week in 1979, Sony introduced the Walkman portable cassette player. In our digital age the cassette is ancient history, right? Thank again.
O Canada
Canada Day
Today is Canada Day. We celebrate with two Canadians talking about where they are from. Guy Maddin on his “docu-fantasia,” “My Winnipeg” AND former “South Park” writer/Canadian Kyle McCulloch.
American Gods
Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" is being planned as a six season run of ten to twelve episodes per season on HBO. REALLY? Can it be true?
Movie music composer Bernard Hermann was born this week. The screeching music he wrote for the infamous shower scene in Hitchcock's Psycho is arguably the most terrifying in movie music history...