New Environmental Paradigm - Bill McKibben

May 4, 2014

Environmentalist Bill McKibben says that since climate change is irreversible, our future survival requires a new paradigm:  small and local.



I wish that Bill McKibben would interview authors Dr. Dickson Despommier and (African American) Majora Carter, of the book 'The Vertical Farm' (Sting endorsed the book on its cover). I would like the three of them to have an all day conference with the Public Banking Institute to build Vertical Farms in every city across the U.S.A. It would probably be helpful to try to involve the Ivy League universities because they have the infrastructure, etc. And to involve their graduates in building and maintaining Vertical Farms. Ideally, these could have alternating floors of rental units and floors devoted to various age groups, such as care of children and the elderly, etc. Each building and floor could have a different theme, depending on their own board of directors, etc....Consider having guests read a paragraph aloud from the book 'The Opposite of Loneliness' by Marina ....(Google it) She was a popular student at Yale who died in a car crash five days after graduating. Her book is a best seller and read around the world. Her charisma could help get this off the ground. Try to You Tube the entire conference. Try to hold a similar conference on a monthly basis in a new city, to build and maintain a new Vertical Farm, etc. What do you think of this?