Negroes and the Gun

May 22, 2016

Harriet Tubman will soon be gracing our twenty dollar bill. Most of us know only one image of her. It's an iconic image taken later in her life in which her hair's covered in a dark cloth and she has a stern expression. But there are other images of Harriet Tubman as well, including a wood cut of her carrying a musket.

Law professor Nicholas Johnson says the image of Harriet Tubman carrying a rifle doesn’t fit with how most Americans view abolitionists and civil rights leaders. After all, weren’t they supposed to be peaceful? But as Johnson tells Steve Paulson, there's a rich tradition of Black Americans owning guns for self-defense.

Johnson's the author of "Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms".





Now, now. There you go again, blathering on about historical accuracy and decent people arming themselves. We can't have that.

Please! "Johnson is the author..." not "Johnson's the author...." This rampant apostrophe abuse must cease! Already we have "its" as the possessive of "it" because the constant flogging of "it's" as a contraction of "it is" has preempted the word. Scribblers for our local rag toss in superfluous possessives beyond count ( "the County's Treasurer" rather than "the County Treasurer"). Their use of the onerous double possessive ("a friend of John's" for "a friend of John") is beyond redemption. Any day soon I expect to see double possessives extended to inanimate objects ("the door of the car's" or "the cover of the book's").

It was an interesting lofty academic analysis-but how to talk about the dreadful rate of young black men being killed, in for example, Chicago, by the gun? Too bad that was not a follow on discussion.

Veronica, I've owned guns for over 40 years. Not one of them has shot, much less killed, anyone. Why is that? Are they defective? Now, if I gave one to a certain type of person in Chicago, would that gun be "The Gun" that killed? Or, was it the person misusing violation of the law...that's it, we need more laws for people to violate so that eventually we ensnare the law-abiding. Veronica, please cite The Gun that killed all by itself, i.e., without anyone pulling the trigger. Focus. No non sequiturs, please. Thanks.

What you meant to say is, "My guns have killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile."

What it all comes down to is that people that desire FREEDOM insist on having the means at hand to live it. Europe as we know it is gone, probably never to return, as they import young knife-wielding citizens never to be sorted again, and no measure it they desired to separate the freedom haters.

Chicago heavily restricts legal firearm ownership, yet has among the highest murder rate. Ever heard of The Butterfield Effect?