Narrator-in-residence at the Pfister Hotel

February 22, 2015

Poet Anja Sieger, who often writes under the pen name Notanja, is the current Narrator-in-Residence at the storied Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. Her writing implement of choice? A vintage typewriter. Hear the interview as well as the bonus reading of a poem that she wrote on-site for producer Seth Jovaag's daughter, Lydia. Lydia, who is in fourth grade, recently did not make the school play.


me my - self + i/ nothing hurts more than love. Its even a 4 letter word. what is love to you? or too me ? an apple a day ? keeps your life away==from disease. yet we die? Don't ever eat a poison apple.

will the poison give you no more sorrow,no more pain. the better place is not where you were before. emotions now on high, a 4 letter word that lift you up. 1 bad apple is not the point in time of your demise, it's the start of a greater awareness.

One has to appreciate the encouragement given this child; with guidance for identity, separating the self from that which is, and that which is not, motivating to build on a rejected effort, using it as a foundation, and instilling the understanding of enjoying every present moment.