More Wonder!

September 8, 2013
(was 12.02.2012)

When’s the last time you were wonderstruck? Would your life be richer for more wonder? What wonder is, how to make it, where to find it and what it does for us... we all get gently awed in this hour.

  1. Space and Wonder - Neil deGrasse Tyson

    Star gazing may be the most universal moments of wonder. Neil deGrasse Tyson says he's been awed by outer space since he first went to a planetarium. He's been hooked on science - and wonder - ever since.

    You can also hear the extended interview with deGrasse Tyson here.

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  2. What's Wonder? - Jonathan Haidt

    Hold on. What is wonder?

    Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt found that there's not much research on awe. And when he took on the task, he discovered that they're not easy emotions to study.

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  3. Cabinets of Wonder - Heather McDougal

    In the days of tall ships and explorers, people collected exotic wonders in cabinets of curiosities, wunderkameren. Writer and teacher Heather McDougal has long loved those early days of science. Her blog's called "Cabinet of Wonders."

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  4. Where's Wonder?

    Producer Sara Nics went looking for wonder. She found curiosities aplenty, but no wonder at The House on the Rock, until...

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  5. Creating Wonder - Janet Cardiff

    Is the experience of wonder always unexpected? Or can we create opportunities for wonder?

    Internationally acclaimed sound, video and installation artist Janet Cardiff weighs in.

    You can also hear the extended interview with Cardiff here.

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  6. Your Wonder

    In the run-up to this show, many of you sent in your stories of wonder. Here they are, crafted into an eight-part soundscape with the voices of Michael Arnold, Cynthia Woodland, Caryl Owen, and Peter Sobol. Thanks for sharing your stories!

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