The Men’s Rights Movement, Then and Now

January 6, 2017

In the era of Ms. Magazine, Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, there was a smaller, less-publicized men’s liberation movement. In the late 1970s, the movement split into two camps. A pro-feminist faction.  And the anti-feminist Men’s Rights Movement, which sees men as an oppressed group. Critics have accused them of creating a breeding ground for misogyny, internet trolling and violence against women. The father of the Men’s Rights Movement is Warren Farrell, author of the core text of the movement, “The Myth of Male Power.” Steve Paulson sat down with Farrell for a candid talk about men’s rights and masculinity in America.



Good show. I loved the Thelonious Monk music. You can NEVER get enough Monk in your life. I found part of todays (Sunday) program on line but not this section.
I also tried to get the name of the black author that talked about the nuanced and complected relationship between slaves & owners. I have writer fiend that thinks it's Colson Whitehead. I'd like to know for sure & the title of the book again. Can you BELIEVE that spell check does NOT recognize the name Thelonious Monk!!!! Thanks a bunch. Later..