Veronica Rueckert on Encountering the Orca

December 1, 2011

TTBOOK essayist and producer Veronica Rueckert has had her own close encounter with whales, on a first visit to Sea World in San Diego.  For Veronica, laying eyes on an orca was stranger than she’d ever imagined and brougt back childhood memories of the late, great Jacques Cousteau.


Loved, loved, loved your essay on visiting Sea World and seeing the orca. Would you consider going to see the movie "War Horse" and doing a commentary? Please?

Thanks Joanne, your comment made my day! Never heard of "War Horse," - thanks for the recommendation.

What a beautiful essay! I think we should hear your commentaries regularly on TTBOOK. Your description of how you imagine orcas during your childhood, and then seeing the orca at sea world are so vivid!

Just listened to your essay on a podcast of TTBOOK. Wonderful writing! Lovely reading!

Really enjoyed this story...Veronica is a fabulous writer and narrator too!