The Massacre at Wounded Knee - 10 Years Later

The Bones of Paradise

October 16, 2016

One of the most horrific episodes in American history occurred on December 29, 1890. The U.S. Cavalry surrounded an encampment of Lakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and massacred some 300 people. The details of the carnage of the Wounded Knee Massacre are almost unbearable. As Black Elk, the Lakota medicine man who witnessed the massacre, put it, “Something else died there in the bloody mud, and was buried in the blizzard. A people’s dream died." This tragedy is the bleak backdrop for Jonis Agee's new novel, "The Bones of Paradise." Set 10 years after the Wounded Knee Massacre, all the characters in her novel - from white cattle ranchers to the Lakota - are wrestling with the ghosts of the massacre. Agee tells Steve Paulson about the origins of her novel.



To the Best of our Knowledge used to be a great show, don't know about this anymore, they had a segment on water, they had a white woman on that was recounting Wounded Knee, groveling, begging for forgiveness, etc....
but she did not mention "Ghost Dance" correctly, a millennial movement, a social movement, magical thinking
the woman interviewed did correctly account the the ghost dance shirt, having images of animals, impervious of being shot and killed,
what she forgets that it would also bring back all the native american people
Point of this conversation:
She did not say it was an invitation to Genocide - all the white people are sent back to the sea
all this white liberal guilt - it inspires Trumpism
Indians were wearing the ghost shirts, thin cotton shirt, in this womans account said they had the shirts on, she does not mention that it is an invitation to genocide. Just before the shooting, a Native American threw dirt into the air, hello,
it is a biased account - If you don't report this you are as guilty as Trump.
I would like a response - I thought it was an insightful show, but now
I told this account to a Menomonee Indian, she was outraged, and said I should talk to you.
I would like a response from someone high up, not some intern.