Life, Art, and Therapy

January 8, 2017
(was 07.27.2014)

Whatever happened to psychoanalysis?  It used to be the most influential science of the mind, but today its founder, Sigmund Freud, just looks like a sex-obsessed old man.  Analyst Adam Phillips says we got Freud all wrong; he remains a radical thinker if we know how to read him.  This hour explores the connections between therapy and art.

  1. Rethinking Freud - Adam Phillips

    Psychoanalyst Adam Phillips says we've gotten Freud all wrong.  He wasn't a scientist; he was a great writer and countercultural figure. And his insights still have the power to dazzle us.

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  2. Growing Up Freudian - Erin Clune

    What's it like to grow up with a mom who's a Freudian therapist?  Commentator Erin Clune has a few personal observations.

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  3. Cartooning & Psychotherapy - Alison Bechdel

    Acclaimed cartoonist Alison Bechdel has written two brutally honest memoirs about her parents. She tells Steve Paulson about her complicated relationship with her mother and how it inspired her as an artist.

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  4. Art as Therapy - Alain de Botton

    Maybe you're familiar with art therapy - making art to cope with pain. Philosopher Alain de Botton has a different idea. He thinks just looking at great art can be therapeutic.

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  5. BookMark: Nic Pizzolatto on Absalom, Absalom!

    "True Detective" creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto recommends "Absalom, Absalom" by William Faulkner.

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  6. On Our Minds: James McBride

    James McBride won the National Book Award for "The Good Lord Bird," his novel about the abolitionist John Brown.  He explains why he doesn't like most fictional portraits of slavery and how he tried to tell a different story.

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