Liaquat Ahamed on "Lords of Finance"

November 15, 2009

Liaquat Ahamed is a longtime hedge fund manager and the author of "Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World." He talks with Steve Paulson about the parallels between the recent financial meltdown and the events that led up to the Great Depression. Both situations involved bubbles, and errors by the Federal Reserve System.



It is amazing how all you media suckups to the rich and mighty pander to these liars thieves and swindlers. Why don't you ask a thief to write a book filled with lies that will whitewash all thieves? oops: he already did that.

WW1 was engineered by the private banks cartel that owned all 4 of the 'national' banks of England France, America and Germany: which are only outlets of their global franchise. Their tactics of impoverishing the whole world by putting the whole world into debt to THEM, and creating wars to destroy all the world so they can buy up all the big corporations and industries and property makes them the worst mass murdering lying cheating thieving scum in human history.

You stink as a journalist