Karen Armstrong on the Case for God

February 20, 2011

Karen Armstrong is a historian of religion. Her latest book is "The Case for God." She talks with Steve Paulson and says we've lost our sense of God as the ineffable; that any god we can imagine is only a symbol for the true nature of god.




could religionists finally stop acting as if they precisely knew what he expects of us, and most important, stop enforcing their lunacies on others (hospitals/schools/law/etc)?

Can we all agree that organized religion is a hoax?

the radio interview had a lot of words, and there was nothing compelling to believing in God from the radio interview, other than the idea of god is beyond human knowledge. Since god is beyond human knowledge, let's agree to not talk about god anymore and work solving the problems facing the human existence without being distracted by the possibility of divine intervention, which does not really exist.The concept of god is beyond human comprehension because there is nothing there to believe in outside of the minds of some true believers.