Jonah Lehrer on "Imagine: How Creativity Works"

April 1, 2012

Jonah Lehrer talks to Steve Paulson about his new book, "Imagine: How Creativity Works." He tells us why we're all naturally creative and how we can improve our creative abilities.

Listen to UNCUT version of interview here.



Just as every person whose life and vocation revolve around creativity knows, Jonah Lehrer is exactly right on all counts. It is perfectly true that our best works come from periods of solitude, staring out the window, "talking to the owls", or some other non-distracted opportunity to think uncluttered thoughts, possibilities, solutions. "Brainstorming" is a painful invention of the quintessentially non-creative person desperate to be part of something productively original, a pathetic and painful means in precise opposition to the proposed end. A smart CEO gives writers, artists, R&Ds and engineers a challenge and a quiet room with a view. A weak one - particularly those who are driven by two-dimensional measures who confuse scorekeeping with scoring, can't stand the lack of "bustle" and can't trust so-called "creatives" to be left on their own, preferring over-managing and ensuring uniformity, the mortal enemy of creativity.