John Polkinghorne on Science and Religion

September 26, 2010

John Polkinghorne is a former quantum physicist – professor of mathematical physics at Cambridge University. He's also an ordained Anglican priest, Canon Theologian at Liverpool Cathedral in England, and author of many books on the subject of bridging the gap between science and religion.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the interview with John Polkinghorne. It was refreshing. From my perspective, science helps us learn more about God's amazing design.

I'm an avid public radio listener, but I seem to be shaking my head more often in frustration lately with how 'in the dark' their reporters and interviewers are about matters of faith and what's actually in the Bible. Here, the interviewer asked Pastor Polkinghorne whether we should think of God as a 'being' -- with incredulity in his voice. Really? This is surprising?

Thanks for welcoming comments. I feel better. :-)