James Gleick on the History of Information

September 4, 2011

James Gleick's "The Information" is a sweeping history of information, going back to the invention of writing and the African tradition of talking drums.  He tells Steve Paulson that the invention of various information technologies has changed the very nature of consciousness.   Gleick describes some of the key breakthroughs in information technology, including the invention of the telegraph and the more recent understanding of information as mathematical.  He also explains why information is not the same as knowledge.



I just heard Steve's interview with Mr. Gleick and was given to a great deal of reflection. I have worked in the telecommunications industry for 3 decades and also do voice-over and other spots on occassion. I am fascinated by information and passing of same. My next moving after submitting his book, loading it to my iPad and spending the better part of this holiday weekend exploring the magic of information. Thank you for a terrific story. Regards!