How Outsiders Are Redefining Normal

September 27, 2015
sign reading "Trans Rights equals Civil Rights"
sign reading "Trans Rights equals Civil Rights"

Alissa Quart's book, "Republic of Outsiders: The Power of Amateurs, Dreamers, and Rebels," makes the case for a more expansive definition of outsiders. A definition that includes the people Quart writes about -- everyone from indie filmmakers and musicians to trasngender activists and bi-polar pride supporters.



I'm trying to understand how the term "non-human animal" is supposed to affect the average person's thinking. It seems that the "non-human" part of the label overrides everything else and would actually reduce a person's sympathy for animals, as in "It's not human, so I don't have to care about it." Perhaps a term like "animal being" or even "co-animal" would give someone pause.

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