How to Fail

September 30, 2012
(was 10.23.2011)

Failure is a four letter word in America. Most of us do everything we can to avoid it.  But what if we've got the wrong idea about failure - and it's all a matter of learning the right way to do it? This hour, one psychologist's take on how to embrace the fall.  And comedian Marc Maron on the hit podcast that saved his career and his life. And, columnist Thomas Friedman on why the US is falling behind and how we can come back.

  1. Marc Maron on His Hit Comedy Podcast WTF

    Marc Maron resurrected his life and career with the hit comedy podcast WTF.

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  2. Carol Dweck on the Psychology of Failure and Success

    Carol Dweck is researcher at Stanford University.  She says everybody fails, but not everybody fails the right way.

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  3. Alison Weir on Mary Boleyn: Was She a Failure?

    Alison is a historical biographer and novelist.  She examines the life of Mary Boleyn as the sister who lost the king to her sister Anne.

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  4. Thomas Friedman on How the US Fell Behind

    Thomas Friedman says the US is falling behind on the global stage.

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