Henry David Thoreau

May 5, 2013
(was 05.06.2012)

Henry David Thoreau died 150 years ago, and he’s still a great American icon.  But have you ever wondered exactly why?  Thoreau wasn’t exactly the model environmentalist he’s often made out to be.  And his account of living at Walden Pond is partly fictionalized; he spent nine years writing and revising it.  We examine Thoreau’s legacy and why he still inspires us.

  1. Tom Fate on "Cabin Fever"

    How does a suburban dad with three kids find meaning in Thoreau's "Walden"?   Tom Fate says Thoreau helps us examine a basic question:  How much is enough?

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  2. "Walden" Reading

    Have you every actually read Thoreau's "Walden"?  If not, you've really missed something.  Here's the next best thing:  excerpts from the book, set to music.

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  3. Jeffrey Cramer on Historical Thoreau

    Who was the real Henry David Thoreau?  He wasn't exaclty an environmentalist, and "Walden" didn't simply describe his time living by the pond.  Jeffrey Cramer looks at the man behind the myth.

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  4. Davyd Betchkal on Denali soundscapes

    Davyd Betchkal is a soundscape engineer in Alaska's Denali National Park.  We hear  recordings of wood frogs, bear cubs, even an avalanche.

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  5. Terry Tempest Williams on Thoreau

    Terry Tempest Williams adores Thoreau.  She says his passion for social justice and his love of nature are intimately connected.

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  6. Terry Tempest Williams on "When Women Were Birds"

    Terry Tempest Williams has spent much of her life trying to understand her mother - both a  private woman and a trickster.  Her memoir is also an exploration of silence and finding one's voice.

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