Guy Consolmagno on Theology and Astronomy

February 9, 2012

"Brother Guy" Consolmagno is a Jesuit priest and a planetary scientist at the Vatican Observatory.  He grew up in America, got his Ph.D. from M.I.T., then joined the Jesuits.  He tells Jim Fleming why he feels his science and his faith complement each other.



What total nonsense. I thought my radio had somehow changed stations (did Cheesus do it?) when I heard a person talking in certain terms about the nature of the Universe and our role in it. Has any Western institution been more discredited than the Catholic Church? "The Vatican Observatory", what an oxymoron, talk about the blind leading the blind.
Aren't there enough Xian stations already to get this silly and outdated nonsense on the air? Why do you have to do it also?
Please, leave this nonsense to the charlatans selling waterfront lots in the afterlife.

Too often the gap between science and faith keeps people from being able to relate to one another. I was so pleased to hear Guy Consolmagno talk about how the two are intertwined for him personally. I especially loved his mention of practicing "God in the gaps" science (using a "God did it" explanation when science does not have the capability to explain) and how it is s quick path to atheism. Hearing a Catholic priest discuss the necessity of faith being challenged was also inspiring.

Brother Guy says that religion motivates him to do science, while he implies that science should not motivate one to religion (God of the gaps). I wonder why he is religious in the first place, while putting science in the back seat, albeit a nice one.
He refers to Carl Sagan as "the famous agnostic", but that's what every reality-based scientist is! Why not start out agnostic (ignorant until evidence produced), rather than religious with an "a priori" perspective (God exists)? Sagan was not only a famous agnostic, but a great scientist.

What nasty reactions of such fools and idiots.

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