The Gun Myth

May 22, 2016

The Western. The 2nd Amendment. Guns are a part of our national DNA - like apple pie and baseball. Pamela Haag says not so fast. In her book "The Gunning of America," she argues that early gun barons --with iconic names like Colt and Remington -- created the American gun culture.

She told Charles Monroe-Kane to look no further than the Rifle King himself, the manufacturer of the Winchester Repeater Rifle, Oliver Winchester.




Really enjoyed this interview exposing the marketing side of 'The American Gun Myth'.
I have long been aware of the creation and nurturing of markets for products using psychological techniques such as: 'Keeping up with the Jones'; fear of 'The Other'; linking sex to products from cigarettes to lawn mowers; and the manufacturing of a glorified past to maintain interest in products with decreased utility.
I had come to think that this began in earnest with the post-WWII need to keep America's manufacturers and employees profitable and at work after the conflict, using the techniques of influence wielded so crassly by the Nazi propaganda machine. Imagine my surprise to find that it was in full swing many decades earlier.
In an era where people are instantly marketed to on the basis of 'liking' a facebook post, Pamela's book adds another cautionary chapter to the overarching theme of our consumerist society and how it is secretly, cynically endlessly nurtured.

"The Gun Myth". Ms. Haag may have a PhD but her understanding of this subject is limited to her one sided research.