Grammy Award-Winning Jazz Pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba

September 27, 2015
Gonzalo Rubalcaba
Gonzalo Rubalcaba

In the late 80's, American jazz great Charlie Haden met a young Cuban pianist – Gonzalo Rubalcaba. They hit it off, and Haden became a kind of mentor figure to Rubalcaba… who went on to become major figure in jazz. Charlie Haden died two years ago, but shortly before that, he dug out some old recordings of two concerts he played with Rubalcaba, in Japan. The album's now been released – it's called "Tokyo Adagio." Steve Paulson's been listening to it a lot and he got in touch with Rubalcaba to talk about it.


Interesting re. the statement leading off this segment that the Rolling Stones playing Havana is an example of the changing relationship between Cuba and the US - I didn't realize that Jagger had emigrated...