Getting the Dirt

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Just one day after President Obama endorsed gay marriage, the media questioned Mitt Romney about his bullying of a prep school classmate, who later came out as gay.  Romney was in high school in the 1960s. Who's digging up old dirt? Could it be opposition research?

Adultery, back taxes, DUIs, illegitimate children… you name it and they find it. But who are political opposition researcher?  Those shadowy political operatives who dig up the muck on a candidate’s opponents. 

The latest dirt is an almost 50 year-old story of an 18 year-old Mitt Romney who, witnesses say, pinned a fellow student to the ground, assaulted him, and hacked off his long hair while the student cried out for help.


Alan Huffman

Alan Huffman on Opposition Research

“Scoundrel” is such an old-fashioned word.   I mean, who uses it anymore?  Aren’t there any scoundrels today?  We looked no further then the world of political opposition research.

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