Gender Shift

September 1, 2013

What would you do if being a woman just didn't feel right? What if being a man didn't feel right either?

In the West, a few people are choosing to leave gender behind all together. Call them gender queer, third gender or gender guerillas… people are challenging all of our notions of “he,” “she...” and  “we.”

In this hour, from gender theorist Judith Butler to raising gay kids, we’re stepping outside stereotypes, to where gender shifts.

  1. Retiring from Gender

    Musician and author Rae Spoon grew up as a girl. About ten years ago Rae came out as a transman. Then, a couple of years ago, they decided to retire... from gender.

    You can also check out "Gender Failure" by Rae and Ivan E. Coyote.


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  2. Reshaping Gender? - Judith Butler

    So, what is gender anyhow? Philosopher Judith Butler has been unpacking our notions of "he," "she" and "we" for the past 20 years. She stopped in to help us take stock of the state of gender in the North America.

    Hear the extended interview, here.

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  3. A New Suit - Saint Harridan

    If gender’s a role we’re all playing, and new roles are emerging, maybe it's time for new costumes. 

    A new company in San Francisco is making clothes specifically for butch women and transmen. Saint Harridan’s first order just arrived, and we were there as customers suited up… 

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  4. Global Genders

    So maybe there are some changing ideas about gender in parts of North America. But around the globe, it’s pretty much still just male and female, right? Not so, says Evelyn Blackwood. Turns out, some cultures have an array of gender categories.

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  5. Oddly Normal

    When John Schwartz’s son, Joseph, was born seventeen years ago, John and his wife were feeling pretty good about their parenting… helping their son Sam and their daughter Elizabeth through the challenges of childhood.. 

    But as Joe grew into toddlerhood, the Schwartzs noticed that he was different… not like most of the other boys. They started to wonder if he might grow up to be gay. They also noticed how the social pressure to be a stereotypical boy weighed on Joe… 

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