The Future of Whiteness

September 18, 2016

White Americans of European descent will make up less than half the population by 2042, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In other words, white people will soon become a demographic minority. Philosopher Linda Martin Alcoff says that shift represents a sea change in how we'll think about American identity. She’s the author of the new book “The Future of Whiteness.” Alcoff told Steve Paulson that before we contemplate the future, we need to grapple with what it means to be white today.



This whole idea of "whiteness" is just another bogus construct conjured up by the left to avoid facing unpleasant realities about our species. Matters of race relations are not products of some vague notions of "history", nor are they fabricated by some unnamed 'they". These matters are the product of a very well-defined aspect of history; namely, evolutionary history. It is the particular natural, biological, evolution of our species that has produced real, systematic differences of appearance(race) within our species. All of the social strife that occurs around these real racial differences is a result of the evolutionary history that created those differences. Furthermore, the preference for, and comfort with, people of one's own race that the vast majority of humans feel is not, repeat not, the result of political rhetoric. It is instead a deeply rooted aspect of human psychology, produced also by our evolutionary history. It is true that politicians, and others, will try to exploit this aspect of behavior for some social interest or another, but they do not create it. It is its deeply rooted character that makes the problems of race relations so intractable and persistent.
I also cannot help but observe that this program did a truly lousy job of actually discussing the issue of white poverty in the America. There was virtually nothing concerning why the US economy cannot supply adequate income to all of the most favored group, as regards the racial demography of America, let alone the less favored racial groups. Mr. Policon

Bravo to the above post. I could not agree more w/what is posted above or said it better myself. Other than to add that many other ethnic groups, ie. arabs and african tribes just to name two who have been warring amongst themselves for centuries, oppressed and enslaved their own people w/o any help from the white peoples.