Finding Home

June 19, 2011
(was 06.27.2010)

There's a word for the grief and anger people feel when their environment is ravaged -- solastalgia. It's what Gulf Coast residents may be feeling right now, as they watch oil wash up onto their beaches.

In this hour, the psychology of our attachment to the places we love. Why we suffer when forests are cut down, air is polluted, rivers and oceans fouled... the link between the environment and human happiness.

  1. Glenn Albrecht on Solastalgia

    Do you feel grief and longing when a place you love has been damaged? Then you may have "solastalgia" ...

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  2. Scott Russell Sanders on the Homogenization of America

    What's the best way to fight the homogenization of America?

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  3. Novella Carpenter on "Farm City: the Education of an Urban Farmer"

    Author of "Farm City" faces a drawback to her urban farm dream in Oakland, then called "the murder capital of the world."

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  4. Adam Nicolson on "Sissinghurst - An Unfinished History"

    He grew up in Sissinghurst Castle, one of the most beautiful places in England. When he returned as an adult he was astonished and saddened to see ...

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