The Brain & Belief

July 22, 2007
(was 12.03.2006)

Electrons to Enlightenment

Part Three


One of the Dalai Lama's favorite places in America is a neuro-biology lab at the University of Wisconsin, looking for scientific proof that meditation works. In other labs across the country, gene hunters are decoding the genetics of faith. This hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge is part three of Electrons to Enlightenment: A Special Series on Science and Religion.

  1. Karen Michel Reports on Science & Meditation

    Some of the country's leading neuro-biologists are collaborating with Buddhist monks in an effort to understand the effects of meditation on the mind and the brain.

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  2. Andrew Newberg on Why We Believe

    Find out what brain imaging technology can tell us about the experiences of Franciscan nuns and Pentecostalists at prayer.

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  3. Dean Hamer on The God Gene

    Dean Hamer says that human beings are hard-wired for belief and are genetically pre-disposed to reach beyond their own limitations.

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  4. Deborah Blum on "Ghost Hunters"

    Deborah Blum talks about the serious scientific effort undertaken by an elite group of scientists and scholars a hundred years ago to investigate the supernatural.

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  5. Bruce Greyson on Near Death Experiences

    Bruce Greyson is considered the father of research into the Near Death Experience.

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