Awe and Wonder

August 5, 2007
(was 12.17.2006)

Electrons to Enlightenment

Part Five


In the real world where we take out the garbage, we sometimes brush up against wonder and awe. We all look for it in different places. Some of us find it in God, like the great mystic poet, Rumi. Others find it on terra firma. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, Electrons to Enlightenment Part Five: Awe and Wonder.

  1. Robert Fuller on "Wonder"

    Robert Fuller is the author of "Wonder" - the first in-depth look at one of humanity's most important emotions.

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  2. Nicholas Harberd on The Secret Life of Plants

    Plant biologist Nicholas Harberd took a year off to study a common weed - the thalecress - that  he found growing in a country churchyard.

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  3. Ursula Goodenough on "The Sacred Depths of Nature"

    Cell biologist Ursula Goodenough tells Steve Paulson that she finds the commonplaces of nature entirely miraculous without reference to a Supreme Being.

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  4. Scott Topper on Meditation

    Scott Topper reads from the meditation journal he kept after learning a simple meditation from Buddhist monk George Churinoff.

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  5. Coleman Barks on Rumi's Mystical Ecstasy

    Coleman Barks has made it his life's work to translate the poetry of 13th century mystic and poet Rumi.

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