November 20, 2005
(was 12.19.2004)

The US is in the middle of its longest and most expensive war to date.  Not the war in Iraq – the war on drugs.  In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge – we’ve spent hundreds of billions of dollars fighting for a “drug-free” America, yet heroin, cocaine and other illegal drugs are cheaper, purer and easier to get than ever.  And drugs have put nearly half a million Americans behind bars.  So who’s winning the war on drugs.  And who’s losing?

  1. Eric Schlosser on "Reefer Madness"

    Eric Schlosser says our marijuana laws have a lot to do with class and race prejudice.

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  2. Clark Taylor on "The House That Crack Built"

    Clark Taylor is the author of a children’s book called “The House That Crack Built.”   He tells Steve Paulson that kids know all about drugs and can handle the truth.

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  3. Scott Jennings on Kurt Cobain

    Scott Jennings provides an essay on Kurt Cobain, the effects of heroin on Cobain’s music, and his legacy for a whole generation.

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  4. Alfred McCoy on "The Politics of Heroin"

    Alfred McCoy explains to Jim Fleming how the CIA made deals with warlords in Asia to help drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan during the Cold War.

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  5. Ann Marlowe on Her Heroin Addiction

    Ann Marlowe describes her heroin habit in a memoir called “How to Stop Time: Heroin from A to Z.”

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