The Meme of Our Time - Alex Rivera

March 22, 2015

Filmmaker Alex Rivera has been interested in drones for years. He's attended drone conferences, used them in art projects, and even created a movie about them.  His 2008 sci-fi thriller, Sleep Dealer, imagines a dystopian future where the U.S.-Mexico border is aggressively policed by military drones. Migrant workers can only cross it virtually, by plugging their bodies into a digital network of robots. He told Steve Paulson why he believes drones are the meme of our time.




Fighter-bombers are pretty trans-national.

Everything that Mr Rivera and others with this inexplicable fixation on these vehicles now say was said about motor vehicles and about airplanes a hundred years ago. Boarder patrol has used small aircraft for decades.

As a manufacturing engineer, I've been monitoring and directing manufacturing real-time processes in Malaysia, China, Mexico and Ireland for many years.

This "meme of our time" hoo-ha is intellectually vacant.

I'll give him the bumble bee thing.