Douglas Rushkoff on "Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now"

May 12, 2013

Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff talks with Steve Paulson about his new book, "Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now."



Shame on you TTBOOK: this is just a bunch of chiropractic jibberish hiding that it is chiropractic nonsense. Not once does Rushkoff mention the roots of the web sites he sites as "cutting edge" science. Both Dardik's "Superwave" and the "Somascience" twaddle are re-hashed bone moving. Why didn't Steve ask about that?

RF -

What does my site hide exactly? And as far as cutting edge science, I think you'd have to sit down and write me a list of people more cutting edge than the people who contributed to http://www.somaspace(dot)org/2010contributorbios(dot)html

Are they all on your approved list? Not a chance. Dardik was there for one. I'm sure you'll have issues with the stuff from HeartMath too...and Tom Myers and Karl Pribram...pack of radicals.

Maybe you'd like the ones who hang out at the Snowflake Conferences I've attended since 1997...

I'd be happy to let Steve ask me about them and anything else he wants vetted...

Anytime RF, MRF 05.16

I enjoyed this piece immensely. Our relationship to and our perception of time factors heavily in determining the quality of our human experience. Very interesting to explore how new technology is impacting this experience & how new research is giving us more options. Thank you.

@Mark: You are out in the open about what you do and believe. I have no complaints with you and your business (I just don't agree with you on just about all of what you do). In my view, you were badly served by Mr. Rushkoff. He could have used a better, and more accurate, term to describe what is done on the sites he discussed.

My disappointment is with Steve and TTBOOK. Many times there will be a soft-pitch interview, but at least there is one time where a question is asked that is contrary. Something along the lines of, "What about people who say [opposite of the guest's point of view]?" This reflects some thoughtfulness and, if the point is well made, thoroughness on the part of the interviewer. This did not happen in this piece, and that's a pity. I'm disappointed in Steve and the TTBOOK editorial team. Mr. Rushkoff is there to make his point and sell his book. It's not his fault.

I never expect to always agree with the views I hear on TTBOOK. I listen to the program because I expect to hear things that are new to me and things that challenge my thinking. I feel the interview did exactly the opposite; and that is why this piece is not among the best of "To the Best of Our Knowledge."

Go in peace, Mark: you are not the problem I had with this episode.

I enjoyed this segment and TTBOOK is one of my favorite shows on NPR. The snark in the initial comment is disappointing, but I'm learning it's to be expected in online discussions. I think it's useful to accept that I won't like everything I hear on NPR and to hold the belief that it's good to listen to various opinions and explore my own boundaries and assumptions.

I really don't expect this show to be a hard grinding fact finding interview show. Instead I enjoy the TED like environment of simply presenting ideas. I did additional research after this show and will explore some ideas further on my own. If I come to disagree with things I have heard, I can't imagine I will want to discredit (or shame) Steve, his guests or the show in retribution for presenting ideas I don't fall into line with. I might however try to find a civil way to counter.

On a personal preference note, I do wish we could do away with the idea that others need to be shamed when they say something that runs contrary to our own perspectives and values. This is about power and dominance, and it does not have a place in civil discussion. In following the thread, I see defensiveness not movement or listening.

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