Doug on "The Artist"

Doug here: creativity is one of my big interests. That’s probably because I fancy myself to be creative and am always looking for innovative ways to fast-track my various get-rich-slow schemes. "And how is that working out for you?” asks one of the voices in my head. “Not too well,” replies one of the other voices that the first voice thinks is a tad too snarky. Voices, voices, can’t we all just get along?

Anyway, when I heard that DEVO co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh had a new art exhibition of his visual art called “Myopia” opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, I knew that I wanted to talk to him. I had the pleasure of talking with Mothersbaugh about DEVO and de-evolution in Green Bay back in 2006 (you can hear that interview below). And don’t believe what you read about that encounter; Mark was not wearing a red flower pot DEVO energy dome, nor was I sporting a cheesehead. It’s a regret that keeps me awake at night.

Mothersbaugh is one of my creative heroes so it’s always a pleasure to talk to him and try to go to school on his pioneering work in both music and the art world. And maybe one of the reasons I’m not having as much creative success as I’d like is because I’m trying to be too original. As another guest in this show, Austin Kleon, urges us – “Steal like an artist.” Sounds like a plan. Thank you for the advice, Austin. I’ll proceed accordingly.


Mark Mothersbaugh on Devo

Mark Mothersbaugh is co-founder of the new-wave band Devo. They think humanity is de-evolving.

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