Diana Beresford-Kroeger on the Power of Trees

December 19, 2010

Diana Beresford-Kroeger is a botanist and medical biochemist.  Her new essay collection is called "The Global Forest."  She tells Anne Strainchamps that the lives of trees and human beings are inter-related all the way down to the molecular level.


I absolutely loved your interview. I think a lot about trees and paint them and make some stories, maybe you like to look into that: http://blog.kikitheartist.com/2011/09/trees-arboles-baume.html

Thank you so much!


Diana's storytelling way of speaking and educating is superb. I bought the CD and lent it to someone, never getting it back. I have been trying to remember Diana's name and the program name, to no avail until yesterday. I am sooooo very happy to have a chance to hear Diana's words of wisdom again.

My only complaint with the article is that Julia Hill's picture is used w/o credit although it was first published in ' Legacy of Luna', and that Julia spent TWO YEARS in a tree, said a LOT about it, yet not only does her name not appear under the picture, she is not mentioned at all.