David Siegel on Personal Data Lockers

April 2, 2012

David Seigel says the answer to questions about how to safeguard our personal data online is simple... put all of your information online. But put it in one place, and give businesses, doctors, schools, employers and others selective access to it. And most importantly, rather than giving out our personal data to dozens of websites, we should keep it all in "personal data lockers."



Lastpass is a wonderful program that lets you store all of your complicated passwords, and then access them from either a browser or a mobile device. It can also store credit card and address information.

It isn't nearly as comprehensive as what David is looking for, but it makes keeping online sites secure much easier, plus allows for quicker checkout at commerce sites, and by keeping your credit card data in this, you can tell sites that you don't want them to remember your card, which is another way to help limit identity theft.