David Kobia on Ushahidi

April 2, 2012

From connecting cries for help and first responders following the earthquake in Haiti, to election monitoring in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ushahidi is helping people use simple cell phones to share information - even if they don't have a web connection.

He tells Jim Fleming about the power of mobile technology in a crisis.



Could I use this app to organize a Yoga exercise group in my community?

I have this app in my phone!! It's a great app for the earth quake alarm .http://www.appsta.com

Ya Haiti example proves that mobile technology is improving at a rapid pace. It does work where the wen connection is also rare. Cellphone is not only used for phone call, it is proved. Ushahidi app help the poeple of Haiti to share information each other. I appreciate Ushahidi app.